FASTForward invites volunteer mentors to help Austin entrepreneurs take their small businesses to the next level.

The FASTForward program seeks to accelerate the commercial potential for a second cohort of 20 traditional Austin-based enterprises led by a diverse set of entrepreneurs.

This 10-week program will take place September through November 2017. Mentors are requested to attend one social event each month to interact with the entrepreneurs. FASTForward entrepreneurs will make quick pitches to mentors for feedback, advice and possible collaboration. The goal for the entrepreneurs is to engage with at least one new mentor at each event to help them as they build a more market-ready commercialization strategy. Mentors are also invited to attend monthly ‘aftercare’ social/community events with FASTForward companies continuing into 2018. At these events the entrepreneurs will report on their activities, progress and engage with a scheduled presenter for wisdom and assistance.

To participate as a mentor please contact:

IC² Institute, UT Austin